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Job & Leisure

My job… I work as a Junior Credit Analyst for a bank here in Italy. It is as boring as it sounds. I have been doing it for a year and a half now, and my contract is ending the 31st of July. I really don’t know what to hope for. I mean, if they tell me i have to keep doing the same job i’m doing right now, i doubt i’ll stay because it really is getting very very monotonous. It involves me making a small analysis of a firm or person and give my opinion on if we should lend him/her money.

I really am starting to hate it. The problem also arises because recently, my boss got sent to another office and she was really nice to me. She taught me everything i know today! She got replaced by this middle aged man, that has to drive 150miles every morning to get to work (which means he’s angry already at 8 am), and he doesn’t like the fact that the bank sent him so far away. Obviously they wanted to get rid of him…

That’s enough about my shitty job. I just hope they either move me or fire me.

As for leisure, I practice Muay Thai since January 2009. I have now decided that I want to step up this september when training starts up again. I ¬†want to start fighting for real! So i’m going to start with some Thai Light fights, which means I wear a small boxing helmet and shin pads for protection. Thai light fights are a little like sparring sessions, because knockout punches/kicks are not allowed. You get disqualified if you punch or kick or knee an opponent too hard. These fights are practically pure technique, spread out in three 1:30 minute rounds.

It should be great fun. It’s the right place to start and who knows, if I really enjoy it I might as well end up fighting in a full contact fight some day!

Gotta go to the last training session with my first Thai teacher (Davide)today! I have really grown to respect Davide and even the slightest compliment from him makes me fill up with pride. It’s a strange feeling between pupil and teacher…It’s pretty unexplainable. It’s made up of respect mostly, but also friendship and near total devotion.

Unfortunately, Davide”s going to move to London in September so we’ll have to go to another trainer in September (He’s just as goodhopefully, but most importantly he is from the same combat team: Team Procopio).

Off to training now o/

  1. Bludgenous
    June 25, 2009 at 21:03

    Your trainer is moving to London. It’s a sign you should move here too. Yes, yes I know we have mass unemployment, soup kitchens and men wearing flat caps standing around burning oil drums to keep warm. But on the plus side, umm…

    • riqz
      June 25, 2009 at 22:36

      Thats really one of the things that’s actually stopping me from coming to the uk. I wouldnt find a job even if i really wanted one!

      • June 26, 2009 at 12:29

        You’d be surprised how many more opportunities there are if you know a second language. The demand for bi-lingual people is high since the economical crisis has made a large number of the bi-lingual workforce with higher education go back home.

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