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Promotion?!?Not really.

As said in previous posts, my office has changed quite a lot in these weeks since i started out. My “mentor” is leaving for another job, in another place…always at the same bank, just in another town. My ex boss now works for another office, and now they sent this new guy that doesn’t really want to either be our boss nor actually be there at all.

At 16:30 we stopped working for a bit to have a small refreshment to say goodbye to Chiara (my “mentor”), and to tell her good luck for her new job.

My boss calls me and suddenly just tells me that he’ll be going on holiday for 2 weeks and that he needs to tell me what needs to be done.

He starts giving me all his work, including stuff i’ve never done before. He gives me so much stuff that i actually had to take a full page of notes.

Now… I’m 23 years old, getting paid 1200€ a month, my contract ends the 31st of July (and no word on if it will be renewed or not) and my new boss asks me to be his Second in command all of a sudden? Shit man…

I guess it’s time to show everyone what i’ve got. It’s gonna be 2 weeks of hell.

On sadder news, my girlfriend’s grandma died today. She had a heart operation 1 month ago and never really managed to get back to health. She’s gone to a better place now.

Tata non ti preoccupare andrà tutto bene. Sono sempre vicino a te e ai tuoi parenti. Condoglianze a tutta la tua famiglia. Ti amo piccola mia.


  1. Bludgenous
    June 27, 2009 at 12:49

    All this responsibility, aren’t you entitled to a pay rise? Like if you suddenly decided to leave for whatever reason, wouldn’t they be stuck without you?

    • riqz
      June 27, 2009 at 12:59

      you think so? Even if my contract ends next month? Even if he’s leaving just for 2 weeks? I think you overestimate my slavery!

  2. Bludgenous
    June 27, 2009 at 16:12

    Well when you re-negotiate your contract, politely put forward all the extra responsibility you took on. I don’t know how it works in Italy.

    Anyway I had my 6 month review where I am, I didn’t get a payrise. Credit crunch is a bullshit excuse for not giving anyone a payrise. I proper had a socialist moment when they told me, which is unusual for me.

    • riqz
      June 28, 2009 at 00:11

      That’s what i’ll do yes. Was planning on putting forward all those points. Including the good reviews i got from my bosses.

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