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Weekends and Nuclear Bunkers

Weird title i know, but everything will be explained.

On Sunday, i went to visit my sister, in her new appartment. She lives in Switzerland where she works (Switzerland is just an hour away from where I live).
She found a very nice little home, literally 100m from lake Lugano.
It was a beautiful day and we had lunch and then went for a walk around the lake. Should really have made pictures so i could’ve posted them!

Anyway, while conversating with my sis, she tells me that her cellar is actually a nuclear bunker! WHAT!?!?!?
Yes that’s right! In Switzerland, companies that build appartments had to include a nuclear bunker in the building by law!!! I don’t know if that’s still the case, but the building is pretty new so i guess the law still stands.

I beg her to show me her cellar, so we take the elevator.
I was really curious to be honest because i’d never seen a nuclear bunker in my life, and suddenly there it was! A 50 inch thick metal/concrete door, with huge handles and swivels underneath a 5 storey building! Haha!
It was pretty amazing. That door weighed like 6 tons, it was incredible. I’ll upload a picture as soon as my sis sends me one.
She says she always runs in and out of it quickly when she needs something in it because she’s scared she’ll be locked inside forever!
Inside the “vault” there’s also some smaller doors that look like you can crawl inside that lead towards the mountain? maybe a bigger vault? Maybe vents? Who knows! Love these things haha!

Funnily enough, it reminded my geek soul that i still had not given Fallout 3 a shot, so as soon as i got back home i started playing, and finally… I have realised what an amazing game it is. Really really enjoying it.

Today was also my first day at work without my boss, and me taking up most of his duties. It was actually quite stressful, and i had a few problems but i managed to solve them quite easily. First day is gone and we’ll se how the rest develops.
Luckily, Chiara (my mentor that left last friday), said she will come help us next week as there’s only 3 of us working there atm and we need any help we can get. It was very nice of her to offer and I can’t wait for her to arrive and lend us a hand.

Right, time to stuff some food in my face and then go to training.
Over and out.

Oh my sister sent me photos woo! Here they are:

  1. Tremeur Denigot
    June 29, 2009 at 19:09

    Et oui la Suisse est un drôle de pays. Une forme de paranoïa collective semble y être assez active, et c’était bien sûr encore plus le cas pendant la guerre froide. Tu sais, au delà des abris privés, il y en a plein aussi dans les montagnes, façon gruyère (suisse bien sûr), et on y accède par les tunnels autoroutiers. Il semblerait qu’on y trouve hôpitaux, dortoirs, etc.
    Tiens, pour illustrer le sort de ces abris (et leur parfaite incongruité), tu devrais lire le dernier roman de Cormac McCarthy : l’admirable et angoissant “The road” (rien à voir avec kerouac…).

    Au fait, pardon d’écrire en français, mais j’imagine qu’un blog polyglotte ne te fait pas peur.

    • riqz
      June 29, 2009 at 23:01

      C’est incroyable vraiment! Je ne pensait pas! Peut-etre les petites “cunicoli” dans le bunker de ma seur portent a des autres bunker plus grandes. Hehe. Je vais surement acheter ce roman de McCarthy pour l’eté!
      Et vous pouvez ecrire dans tous les langues que vous voulez eheh!

  2. Bludgenous
    June 29, 2009 at 21:41

    Sweet mercy that is simply the coolest ‘effing thing ever! I want a nuclear bunker!

    • riqz
      June 29, 2009 at 23:02

      Crazy stuff isn’t it. Well now at least you know that if the world goes bum up, the swiss will all be safe!

    • June 29, 2009 at 23:41

      Seconded, get a Vault Boy outfit and go live there!

  3. berto
    June 30, 2009 at 00:09

    Frut, i svissars e an di sopravivi come li moscis e i scorpions, mica come no puars italians stupidus.

    • riqz
      June 30, 2009 at 06:51

      Ze biel! Un post in furlan! Eheh.

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