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Email Blog Post TEST / 1959 Vespa Project

As my internet is pretty much blocked at work, even more than communist china would filter, i’m testing to see if I can make blog posts by email.

It’s hell at work as usual, with just 3 of us working, and me having to do stuff i’ve never done before.

I guess i have to keep at it the best I can so I can show my superiors that even though i’m only 23 and with one and a half years of experience in the bank, i can do my boss’ job hehe.

I’m sure this can only be a positive message towards the renewal of my contract.

It’s very stressful though and i’m starting to feel it all after a few days, both physically and mentally.

I also have a third muay thai training session tonight which will destroy me but maybe it will relieve me from all this stress too.

Anyway just for testing purposes, here’s a pic:


That’s what I look like when someone asks me something these days.


Edit: It worked! huahauhauhau

Apparently, my 1959 Vespa is nearly ready. For those that did not know, i am restoring an old 150 cc Vespa. I’ve been at it for a year now and finally it should nearly be done!

It’s just missing small details, like the Vespa 150 metal plaque on the front, and small bits and pieces. On saturday i’m gonna go down to my friend/mechanic to make some photos and give him the measurements for the metal plaque.

This is how the vespa USED to look:

My vespa "originally"

My vespa "originally"

If anyone is interested in seeing what it has now become, I update my vespa project as much as i can on these websites, where you can keep up to date with what is going on:

Italian: http://www.vespaforever.net/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=14112

English: http://www.omgbruces.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=4251&start=0

They are long posts, but as I said before, i’ve been working on the vespa for a year now.

Cannot wait until this Saturday to get it running and have a ride on it!!!! WOOO

Training now! Bahbye!

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