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Human Resources

It’s the end of one of my most hectic and stressful weeks since I started working.

More responsibility, every important phonecall comes to me, dealing with my colleagues, dealing with my bosses directly, having loads of paper on my desk etc etc.

It hasn’t been easy at all. I’m pretty glad it’s over, but I also know I have a whole other week of this. I’m not as stressed as much as last week anymore because now i’m not solving stuff other people had started, but i’ll solve my own problems. By this I mean that I have mostly learned what I have to do now (my boss’ job, because he’s on holiday), and instead of solving the problems my boss had left me with (all stuff he left me to do before he left for his holdays and that has mostly been solved this week), i now have my own stuff to look after.

On to better news: Human Resources and my boss both wanted to meet up with me to talk about my future at the bank. My contract ends this month so they wanted to speak to me.

To sum it all up, my boss practically told me not to worry, that i’ll be confirmed for sure but we both know it’s no work to catch up, about 120 clients. He said that I didn’t have to worry too much because we’re actually the group with less stuff to catch up!!! Which made me feel better.

The human resources guy told me that they will forward my request of moving to Friuli, in Montebelluna, near Treviso, or ofcourse abroad in eastern countries such as Slovenia, Croatia, Romania etc.

From what i managed to “feel” in that “face to face” meeting, I think that if they are going to confirm me, they’re going to confirm me in Montebelluna, the Corprate Centre Governance of the bank. Corporate Centre Governance… god i would’ve spat on myself 2 years ago for just thinking of workin in a plaec with that name…aaaaaaanyway…

That would be great as, I would be much closer to my girlfriend in Trieste, about 2 hours by car, and really close to my other house in Friuli where I grew up, about 1hour. I would still need to find a place to stay because both these places are a bit too far to commute.

Somehow i feel a bit sad though… I mean I was starting something good here too. I found a great Muay Thai team, and decided to start training seriously for some fights later on in the year, I’ll leave a rent free home, my dog, my cat. I’ll have to find a new Muay Thai trainer down in Treviso or wherever I go, a new gym.

Then again, it’s all for the best. I’m sure i’ll manage to find everything I need.

I’m mostly looking forward to bringing my vespa there haha. 400km on my vespa is quite a road trip!!!

Official weigh-in tomorrow and unless I eat 5 pizza’s tonight, it’s gonna be a positive one!

OH! I almost forgot. I got a black eye yesterday from training. We were sparring and i got hit. Didn’t even realise but yeah, scared a few colleagues at work today, had a nice laugh about it eheh.

A happy man

A happy man


  1. marco moderato
    July 4, 2009 at 13:01

    eh rix conosco bene il problema del trasferirsi… praticamente a settembre tornerò a vivere a pr, tempo di ricominciare a lavorare li e a marzo sosterrò un test x una scuola di specializzazione internazionale ad atene. se tutto va bene a settembre 2010 mi trasferirò ad atene x un paio d’anni..sempre peggio…
    in più ho appena realizzato che non verrò a slucia quest’estate. per la prima volta da quando sono nato, e sn molto triste…

  2. riqz
    July 4, 2009 at 13:25

    Guarda nemmeno io avrò ferie quest’estate… proprio perchè non so ancora se mi rinnovano o no.. ma anche se mi rinnovasserò… non potrei mica prendere subito ferie…
    Devo venirti a trovare quando ti sposti ad atene!!!

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