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It was about time eh?!?!?! I have finally settled down into my new home.

Holidays are over and tomorrow I start my new job…

I’m somewhat scared… I don’t know anyone I will work with, I only know a small outline of what I will be doing, meeting new people, organising my new desk, learning a lot of new things.

It’s all going to be very difficult in these coming weeks. Nonetheless i’m also quite happy about all these changes. I’m excited that i’m finally living alone again since Uni, and also about all the new things i’m going to learn.

During these holidays I stayed  with my wonderful girlfriend Gloria. We mostly stayed in our hometown but we went to the seaside about an hour and a half away for a few days. We stayed 3 days in Bibione and 1 day in Lignano Sabbiadoro. I finally baked my translucent skin, and it became sizzling red in about 5 minutes after exposure to the sun (see photos).

I learned that i can make my eyes roll outwards after 23 years. And I found another interesting insect which I photographed. I’m pretty sure it’s a cricket though!

Ohhhhh I almost forgot! I bought an Iphone, and i’m on the internet through my computer thanks to it which is pretty cool. I’ll soon get a decent connection I promise.

So… this was a very small recap and i’ll try and upload some photos, hopefully my phone won’t explode in the process.

More to come soon, including wallpaper of the week and photos of my new appartment!!!

Over and out!


  1. August 16, 2009 at 22:12

    Gloria is gorgeous! I’m starting a new job as well now – tomorrow to be exact 🙂

    • riqz
      August 16, 2009 at 22:23

      Thanks maja! Yeah i’ve read on your blog that you’ve found something new. So we both start new jobs tomorrow. I bet you can’t wait either. A fresh start is always good! Let me know how your day goes.

  2. Panto
    August 19, 2009 at 10:18

    Hey did your phone really explode in the process?? It’s always turned off when I call. I’m heading your way this weekend, looking forward to seeing you and the stealth cat.

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