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Well i’ve been ill for the past 5 days. Which means gold in blogtown.
I actually did a lot of things… well not motionwise though.
I watched 2012… which was entertaining at best. No story no interest no nothing except for gorgeous special effects. Worth a watch anyway.
I also watched Up. This movie on the other hand was very good. It was worth watching just to see the most adorable dog in the history of Disney/Pixar (bit of a spoiler:Ā http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ui9Mm63zpfE).

Another highlight of my “ill-week” is that I have managed to update my Wii softmod. I hadn’t touched my wii for about a year, but now I can play my downloaded wii games off of my hard drive which is great as I don’t have to write images to dvd’s to play.

Here’s where Bludge is going to be happy. There’s a lot of “watch catching-up” to do.
First of all, my father brought me his old watches. Those old watches that he kept tucked away in a drawer for god knows how long. Most of them did not interest me except one.
It had Datzward written on it, water resistant 20Atmospheres and it looked like a chronograph. I asked him where he’d got it and he told me a parent of his was a watch repairer back in the day and that he bought it off him. My father wore this watch throughout his 20’s. It is the most valuable (both sentimentally and money-wise) watch I possess and once it returns from repairs (thorough clean and new front glass) it’ll probably become my daily watch! Just check out the pictures below and i’m sure you’ll agree to how beautiful it is. Datzward was one of the many makes at the time. They used to buy good movements and sell cheaper watches. The movements were great but they weren’t prestigious names, hence the lower price tag.

It has a Tachimetric scale (to measure speed in km/h), a Production scale (to measure production speed), and a Telemetric scale (to calculate distance of an object by measuring the time it takes between visual and auditory contact). The movement is a Valjoux 92, an excellent movement mounted also by TAG Heuer in the 70’s.
The numbers are written in Trizium (a slightly radioactive substance used to see the numbers at night).
I actually also found an old photograph my mother took of my father (one of their first dates) when he was actually wearing the watch. He scarily looks a lot like me…

Another little “antique” find was an AGAT chronometer, made in USSR. 15 jewels, runs like a train. Not much else to say. Don’t ask me when or where i’ll use it.

I also faced two little problems. I’m 99% certain that the Perseo I spoke about and bought in the last post is a shameless fake. Unfortunately I trusted the seller, when i should not have.

I guess that’s more than enough for now. Enjoy the pictures!


  1. January 12, 2010 at 13:55

    Hey Riqz! Yes it has been a while! Didn’t get the pig fly, did you?
    I love your watch posts, they’re all so pretty! I always imagine you in a early 1900s style suit and a monocle when you write about pocketwatches šŸ˜›

  2. January 14, 2010 at 15:27

    That’s an amazing watch, and it would be a shame to put it away in a drawer again so gogo and wear it when it comes back from the shop!

    Oh and I never noticed the little avatar you’ve made next to the link to my blog! I love it! šŸ˜€

    • riqz
      January 14, 2010 at 20:51

      haha yeah it’s great isn’t it !

  3. January 14, 2010 at 20:17

    Riqz! I did switch jobs, I work at a call center now, for a phone company. It’s good fun, I like it here a lot, although costumers yell at me from time to time šŸ˜‰

    • riqz
      January 14, 2010 at 20:51

      That’s great mare! As long as you get a few good people on the line i guess it’s worth it šŸ˜€

  4. January 19, 2010 at 11:33

    It’s basically a post about a local anti-fur protest Riqzy šŸ˜‰

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