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You Know What Grinds My Gears?

It’s been a while and I feel like I need to vent some of my repressed anger issues. I have a lot of little things that really annoy me. This will be a mega-rant post.

1) I hate Football, I hate football players and I hate football maniac-fans. The sport used to be good, the players used to love kicking the ball around. Now all I see is overpaid pseudo-legends that throw themselves on the ground without even being touched, holding their knees just to get a penalty. They actually think it’s a tactic. If I was their coach I’d sell them to some other team. I remember when I was small and I used to play football in a team. I was taught to always try my best to stay on my feet. You never know… you might miss a goal opportunity if you fall down.

2) I hate my allergies. I have had allergies for about 5 years now. Some kind of grass pollen. It makes my eyes water, my nose stuffy, and gives me light asthma. I stupidly mowed my lawn 2 weeks ago and I had one of the worst asthma attacks I’ve ever had since I was 10 years old. Stayed home a whole week and took heavy doses of Cortisone. I’m fine now but I guess I won’t be mowing the lawn anytime soon. Let the grass be freeee!

3) I hate when trains aren’t on time. I went to see my girlfriend in Trieste this weekend and on Sunday I had to take the 17.44 train. We ran to make it on time, only to be told the train doors weren’t working. This meant it took 30 minutes to change train and get on our way. I had to take a replacement bus to get home. I hate replacement buses too.

4) I hate LOST. With all my heart. I have watched it for 6 years every fecking week. I saw the latest episode a few weeks back and quarter of the way through I just had my jaw wide open…I just said “WHAT THE FUCK” to myself and turned it off. I tried finishing that episode but ended up turning the tv off again because it’s just not enjoyable at all anymore. Even the actors hate the show. You can see it in their faces. Jack just wishes he never started acting in this show, Kate has become ugly, there are 2 alternate realities, Locke is not Locke bah fuck it. They don’t deserve to be watched anymore. I don’t want to hear anything about lost for another…BILLION years. I doubt I’ll watch the finale. Here’s Jack thinking what I’m thinking:

5) I hate organizing holidays. I’ve been trying to organize my summer holidays (a week in the south of Italy), but I just can’t bring myself to sit down and find a decent bed and breakfast, call them, book a double room etc.

6) I hate going to the toilet at work, opening the booth, and smelling someone else’s shit at 8.30 in the morning. Who shits so early at work anyway? Word of warning… If you use public toilets often, always choose the booth with the most open door. People who take a shit are usually subconsciously ashamed and always close the door on their way out. That was a free tip, on the house.

7) I hate a messy dinner table. Sounds weird I know but after a few weeks my dinner table becomes home to a million pieces of paper, letters, crumbles of food, bags, receipts etc. I try not to make it happen but it always does. I cleaned it up yesterday and now my house looks less like a den and more like a house.

8 ) I hate my neighbor. I live in an apartment and the woman underneath mine is the most annoying person in the whole world. She’s probably a whore from what I gather. She has a Spanish accent, maybe Cuban but I’m not sure. She has a “smoking” kind of voice if you know what I mean and really high pitched. The Spanish accent doesn’t make it any better. I’ve heard her shout and fight with different male voices (hence the whore) and she has a very stupid small dog. On weekends and occasionally on Thursdays she plays (AND SINGS) raggaeton music. The ONLY fucking music genre I loathe. She also rambles on about how I throw shit in her garden when it’s obviously not true. Sometimes I have my window open and I can smell her smoking weed. Woman… you’re too old to be smoking that kind of shit. Stop it bitch.

9) I hate trying to lose a few Kilos. I’m trying to lose a few Kg because I had stopped training for 3-4 months. This involves a decent diet. No carbs at dinner. I hate no carbs at dinner. It means I can’t eat potatoes, I can’t eat pasta, no rice, no mashed potatoes, no polenta, no pizza… All I eat at dinner is Meat, vegetables and vegetable soup. No parmesan on that crap either. And I’m not losing any fucking weight.

10) I hate my watch repairman. I gave him 3 watches to repair last September 2009. He still hasn’t done them.

11) I hate having to go to sleep. It’s like fast-forwarding 5-6 hours of lifetime just to get to work.

12) I hate Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare 2. This image sums up multiplayer pretty well.

13) I hate smoking. I used to smoke. I’ve stopped since January 2009. I don’t know why this hate came upon me so hard but it’s crazy. I can’t stand the smell of people smoking close to me, I can’t stand how my clothes smell after I’ve spent time with a smoker, I hate how people say they’re addicted to the nicotine… we all really know they’re just addicted to the actual gesture of smoking. I hate cigarettes, I hate ashtrays, I feel like my lungs are being raped by other people’s smoke. Cigarettes should be erased from the face of the earth.

14) I hate people that just do stuff to get noticed.

15) Which brings me to how I hate Facebook. It’s unbearable. All I see is people that cry out “look at me”, “ask me why I wrote this”, “look at what I’m a fan of”, “look at what I just liked”, “look at my cleavage on this shot”, “look how clever I am by making this witty remark”, “look at how farmville is ruining my life”. I can’t stand it. Showing off is one of the things I hate the most.

16) I hate hating.

17) I hate not having a job in the videogaming industry. It was always a dream of mine. I still hope to fulfill it one day.

18) I hate the fact that if I do leave this job, I would leave all the benefits that come with it.

19) I hate that my Boss still hasn’t given me my yearly evaluation. Does it mean he’s scared to tell me how shit he thinks I am?

20) I hate travelling. I’ve travelled around the world most of my early life. Maybe that’s why I hate travelling so much. It’s not that I don’t like going to new places… it’s just that I hate what it takes to get there. Train rides, car journeys, airplanes, airports. Waste of time. Still hoping for instant teleportation soon.

21) I hate how new technology is already old when it is released. For example Iphone 2g,3g,3gs. Mostly why I don’t think I’m going to buy an Ipad.

22) I hate the Italian Government. All of it. They should’ve been on that plane that crashed in Poland with all their politicians instead.

23) I hate going to the toilet and seeing people playing Quake 3 Arena on their workstations…fucking IT department.

24) I hate waking up early in the morning to go to work. I also hate waking up late on weekends and miss the whole day.

Good god.. I think that’s enough.


  1. gloria
    May 26, 2010 at 20:17

    odi un po’ tante cose.. però ti manca un’altra cosa:
    25. odio le intercalari della mia ragazza come “ah?” “fondamentalmente” “cioè” “cosa ti dovevo dire?”. ecco così ci sono proprio tutte.
    love you baby.

    • riqz
      May 27, 2010 at 00:05

      Si ma l’hai espresso cosi bene che era meglio lasciarlo spiegare a te.
      Grazie tata.

  2. panto
    May 27, 2010 at 00:51

    I like this mega-rant post, might start one of my own!
    Loved the tip on 6…haha, how do YOU know that ?? 🙂
    22…perhaps a little harsh…

  3. panto
    May 27, 2010 at 00:51

    …but don’t hate me for saying that

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