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Riqz’s Blog is LIVE!

June 24, 2009 5 comments

Okay. I have decided to start a new blog. I used to blog a year or two ago then i stopped.

Recently been reading some of my friends’ blogs and find they keep me entertained through my work days so I decided to dish out some entertainment myself!

Here’s a filler to start off with. It’s from my old “Dreams Blog” where i used to write down my dreams as soon as i woke up so i would not forget them!

I was driving this very expensive silver luxurious car, maybe a Mercedes or a BMW, but I soon realised that the brakes were not working very well. You could press as hard as you wanted but the brakes seemed to work only until a certain threshold and then they wouldn’t brake any harder. I end up hitting a lamppost, not like crashing, I just came to rest on it. I then reach a self service refuelling station and suddenly (don’t ask me how), I find myself on a yellow dune buggy (you know the ones that people use to go on the beach, they look really stupid). The thing is that it does not run on petrol. Instead I find myself pouring this transparent liquid from a big yellow petrol can with a sticker on it saying BANANA.

This was a very strange dream. I found out later, after explaining this dream to a friend of mine that she read that someone created a car that could run on banana peels. It was still strange because I had never heard of this invention! Maybe the reason for the car not braking is because I had been playing this train simulator, and trains do not have normal brakes like cars, they have various levels of braking, they are not pressure sensitive. Yeah i’m a geek