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The colour Red, PSP’s and Tablets

February 10, 2011 6 comments

A few weeks ago I went to the post office to pay a bill and I found it real funny how this woman’s hair was exactly the same colour of her Jacket.

So yeah that was interesting. Especially trying to take a picture in a crammed post-office making me look like some kind of perv.

I also managed to film my turtles doing a kind of mating dance ritual. Experts tell me it’s either something a male does to a female to attract her or it’s something a male does to another male before they kill each other. Since they are both still alive and well, I’m hoping it’s the first hypothesis.

Here’s the video with some bonus Muse song in the background:

This month I’ve also been very excited about the new PSP2 which was announced by Sony. So excited I decided to finish off some old PSP games in my collection. That includes God of War: Ghost of Sparta, Riviera, Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, Little Big Planet, Final Fantasy Crisis Core, GTA Chinatown Wars and the list goes on way too much. I’d rather link you my (shameful) complete backlog of videogames:

The new psp is a gamer’s dream in theory. I mean, big screen, DUAL ANALOG STICKS, front and rear capacitive screens, quad core cpu, mic, front and rear cameras, Wi-Fi, 3G. Hopefully they won’t be concentrating on simple PS3 ports like they showed at their conference. Crossing my fingers for this one.

Moving on to other news I’m also going to be visiting the UK again in March with my girlfriend Gloria. I’ll be meeting Bludgenous (our new co-author), Brodos and the gang, hopefully Harlow, Matthew, Ruth and all the Uni gang.

I’ll also be bringing Gloria to the Ramsay Restaurant in Chelsea to get all my money ripped out of my wallet. So much so that I had a nightmare with Gordon in which I was supposed to cook some Italian food for him and failing miserably only to be told to fuck off and stick that shitty food up my arse.

This month’s dilemma concerns tablets. I’ve decided I want to buy a tablet this year and sell my netbook. I’ve been pretty sure about buying an iPad2 until a few days ago. Seeing the new Motorola Xoom has really made me think about what I’d like to buy. Spending around €800 for a tablet really brings on a few questions and the Xoom is definetly looking avantguarde compared to the current iPad.

The Xoom is really looking good sporting Android 3.0. It’s really looking like a great OS. The real question is…Will it have a great battery? I really want these batteries to last a long time and for now… only the iPad has that kind of thing with 10+hours of battery life in its shell.

I’m going to wait out and see what Apple present at their upcoming keynote and then make up my mind.


Gamera and Yoshi: A Photostory

January 28, 2010 3 comments

I went and bought a UVB lamp today, along with a thermometer for water temperature and vitamins to add to their food. I just wanted to add a few photos i made before my camera batteries went out!


Gamera and Yoshi

January 26, 2010 5 comments

I have recently been interested in buying a pair of water turtles to keep in the house with me. After doing all the reading up I could on them i went out and bought them. I named one Gamera (it has black lines all over the shell) and Gloria named the other one Yoshi (very green shell with a few white spots).

They are slider turtles or Scrypta Scrypta by their greek names. They are not red eared sliders because they are illegal here in Italy. They were made illegal because people were abandoning them when they got too big (they can grow up to 30 cm.) and they were healthy carriers of a turtle disease that decimated the indigenous turtles in italy.

Anyway, they’re beautiful!

I got them a nice aquarium (a bit small but i’ll buy a bigger one when they grow), with a water heater (water temp should be kept at 27-28.5 °C), a water pump with filter, and i’m waiting for a UV light at the shop (they didnt have one available at the moment) which will let them bask and make the necessary vitamins to keep a healthy shell.

Their diet should be varied. I give them Gammarus as a treat (small dried freshwater shrimps) together with some different kinds of vegetable pellets (Purina Multifloc and JBL Rugil). They are omnivorous creatures although when they are small they prefer meat over veggies.

One thing i’ve noticed is that they really do beg for their food eheh. Swimming towards me with their mouths open all the time. They are very voracious but people should watch out not to overfeed them. They’re not actually hungry! This is their instinct because food in the wild is so scarce.

Enough talk! Here they are! (sorry about aweful pics but i made them with my iphone.)

P.S. THEY SHIT LIKE RHINOCEROSES (it’s actually a word)