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New Raketa watch

May 1, 2011 2 comments

This weekend I decided to go to the antique market here in Aviano for the first time this year. I found this Raketa Zero model. It’s a model i’ve been wanting for quite a while in my soviet watch collection and finding it with its original case and original wrist band was pretty lucky. Anyway here it is:


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January 11, 2010 6 comments

Well i’ve been ill for the past 5 days. Which means gold in blogtown.
I actually did a lot of things… well not motionwise though.
I watched 2012… which was entertaining at best. No story no interest no nothing except for gorgeous special effects. Worth a watch anyway.
I also watched Up. This movie on the other hand was very good. It was worth watching just to see the most adorable dog in the history of Disney/Pixar (bit of a spoiler:

Another highlight of my “ill-week” is that I have managed to update my Wii softmod. I hadn’t touched my wii for about a year, but now I can play my downloaded wii games off of my hard drive which is great as I don’t have to write images to dvd’s to play.

Here’s where Bludge is going to be happy. There’s a lot of “watch catching-up” to do.
First of all, my father brought me his old watches. Those old watches that he kept tucked away in a drawer for god knows how long. Most of them did not interest me except one.
It had Datzward written on it, water resistant 20Atmospheres and it looked like a chronograph. I asked him where he’d got it and he told me a parent of his was a watch repairer back in the day and that he bought it off him. My father wore this watch throughout his 20’s. It is the most valuable (both sentimentally and money-wise) watch I possess and once it returns from repairs (thorough clean and new front glass) it’ll probably become my daily watch! Just check out the pictures below and i’m sure you’ll agree to how beautiful it is. Datzward was one of the many makes at the time. They used to buy good movements and sell cheaper watches. The movements were great but they weren’t prestigious names, hence the lower price tag.

It has a Tachimetric scale (to measure speed in km/h), a Production scale (to measure production speed), and a Telemetric scale (to calculate distance of an object by measuring the time it takes between visual and auditory contact). The movement is a Valjoux 92, an excellent movement mounted also by TAG Heuer in the 70’s.
The numbers are written in Trizium (a slightly radioactive substance used to see the numbers at night).
I actually also found an old photograph my mother took of my father (one of their first dates) when he was actually wearing the watch. He scarily looks a lot like me…

Another little “antique” find was an AGAT chronometer, made in USSR. 15 jewels, runs like a train. Not much else to say. Don’t ask me when or where i’ll use it.

I also faced two little problems. I’m 99% certain that the Perseo I spoke about and bought in the last post is a shameless fake. Unfortunately I trusted the seller, when i should not have.

I guess that’s more than enough for now. Enjoy the pictures!


New watches.

December 8, 2009 3 comments

I know these topics must be getting pretty boring for some people but recently I don’t really feel like talking about anything else. God knows why but at least i’m keeping it active with new content.

I went to the usual monthly antique market in Aviano and found some very interesting watches.

I have been looking for a Perseo “Ferrovie Dello Stato” (FS, literally translates to State Railways). It’s a watch issued to Italian railway employees. This one should be from the 1970’s.

It has a 17 Jewels Unitas movement with Incabloc. Incabloc is practically an anti-shock system for watch movements. It involves a lyre shaped spring holding the balance wheel jewel in place. This “lyre” spring absorbs any impact from the exterior so reducing probability of the jewel breaking. More info here:

You can see it’s marked FS on the back.

The other watch is a soviet Made in CCCP ofcourse. It’s a Vostok komandirskie “submarine dial”. The thing with this one is that it’s antimagnetic! I thought it said automatic on it but when i picked it up i felt it did not have a rotor inside so it couldn’t have been automatic. At this point it was either a frankenstein watch or it said antimagnetic. Sources confirmed me that it is indeed antimagnetic and pretty rare. It also used to be Water Resistant up to 200 meters hence “amphibia” written on the back casing. I’m guessing that the state it’s in it wouldn’t even survive english drizzle!Only bought it for 15 euros though ahah. Fantastic!

Here are the pictures!

There’s more watches coming from ebay. Both soviet. One pocket watch and one wristwatch. Will keep you updated.


Ebay Hamilton Pocket Watch

November 23, 2009 3 comments

It finally arrived and it’s just as beautiful as I thought it would be. It’s in working condition. The only thing it needs is a nice clean-up and it’s ready to be used 😀

This is a Hamilton 975 grade 17 jewel, adjusted, pocket watch that dates back to 1916-1919.

Here are some pictures:

Heres an old catalog  for Hamilton pocket watches in the 1920’s:

I dated it back to 1916-19 thanks to its serial number and these websites:


New Watches!!!

November 15, 2009 6 comments

A few weeks back (first sunday of the month) I went to the usual antique market, but this time I knew what I was looking for.
I managed to find a few nice watches and didn’t end up spending a fortune either.
My father also sent me a pocket watch he had in his “secret drawer”. It was a pocket watch his colleagues gave him as a gift when he left Bulgaria.
Recently I also won a bid for a 1917 Hamilton 17 Jewels Pocket Watch on ebay and can’t wait to get my hands on it.
So here they are (clicky on the images for a small description):

I’ll post more pics of the hamilton once it arrives here. Hopefully all in one piece.

I don’t think ther will be many more watches added to my collection for a while because I got banned from xbox live and so I’m thinking of getting a new xbox so am unsure of my financial status at the moment eheh.


The 80’s are back

October 25, 2009 6 comments

I haven’t really done much in a “physical” kind of way this weekend but i did quite a few different kind of things.

Ok watch this :

The video is so 80’s it hurts. The singer’s GREEN suit makes me want to rip my eyes out, and then all of a sudden… CHILDREN EVERYWHERE!! Just fantastic.  Great song though, and definitely in my top 10 80’s songs of all time. They don’t make songs or videos like these anymore.

I also wanted to go and vote for the Democratic Party representative for the next primary elections in Italy, but I realised I still haven’t got my new electoral card because i’ve changed city of residence. A bit angry but what could I have done.

Another thing i did this weekend was find all the films with Bill Murray that I haven’t watched and then ofcourse proceed to host myself a Bill Murray Film marathon (if two films can be considered a marathon).

Those two films were “Caddyshack” , still maintaining that 80’s feel. It was ok, nothing spectacular. One of those 80’s fun films with Chevy Chase. Bill had a relatively minor role but it was quite funny. Loved the way he kept his lips kind of deformed throughout the whole movie, to give his character that weird accent.

The second film was “Rushmore“. A more recent (1998) movie, and also a tad more serious than caddyshack. It gave me a weird vibe to start off with, somwhat like the vibe i felt when I saw “Step Brothers” for the first time. You’ll know what I mean if you’ve seen any of these two movies. In the end it was actually a very entertaining movie and it ends well which is always nice.

I have to say though that my favourite Bill Murray movie was and still is Groundhog Day, followed closely by Lost in Translation. Actually that reminds me of the funniest clip ever in Lost in translation, where Bill is in the hospital waiting room with an old japanese man: (could only find it in italian but it’s still understandable and funny, check out the ladies in the’s so improvised.

On other news my back started hurting again, i’m just praying it’s not my hernia acting up again…

I bet there’s still tons of bill murray movies out there and i’m sure i’ll watch some more of them (Next on the list is “Where The Buffalo Roam“, which is supposed to be what they based Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas: bookworms don’t flame me!, and where Johnny Depp based his character from)

Time to go


P.s. Thanks to for the 80’s inspiration

Oh! and new watch: Vostok Komandierskie Tank, Automatic


Soviet Wrist Watches

September 16, 2009 7 comments

I recently bought two vintage russian, or should I rather say Soviet, wrist watches. They were “New Old Stock” meaning they were unsold, so practically new.

One is a Raketa (Paketa) 24 hour watch 19 jewels. It’s not a normal watch. First things first, it was probably made mid-late 80’s when russia was still CCCP. What’s strange about it then? Well it’s a 24 hour watch. Usually watches are 12 hours, meaning that in 1 day, the hour dial will go round twice. In this case, it goes round once. You can see the difference in the photo! It’s hand wound, and it lasts approximately 36 hours. It also has a rotating bezel that shows cities around the world, so you can tell what time it is there too!

The second is the real deal. It’s a Slava Medical watch. This watch was apparently given to all Soviet doctors. As you can see from the pictures, it has a pulse measuring aid. This one is hand wound too and was made around the same time as the Raketa. I immediately thought of my girlfriend (she is in her 4th year studying medicine) and so I’m going to give it to her as a present. It’s actually a very good watch, with 26 jewels, which is actually a few too many, but hey…

Here they are (I recently changed the wrist bands because they were unglueing):