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My Vespa is nearly done!!! / Weigh-in

July 4, 2009 4 comments

So I had to go down to my mechanic to give him some measurements for the vespa, and also to give him a spare part i had here at home.

I am pleasantly surprised to find out that my Vespa is nearly finished!!!  I couldn’t believe my eyes.

It is absolutely the most beautiful thing i have ever owned.

Enough talky talky…here’s the photos.

The only thing missing now is the “Vespa 150” metal plaque at the front, the rear lights, and mostly waiting for the number plate to come back restored.  It’s just looking amazing.

I have added links to my vespa project forum posts on the left coloumn so if you want to keep following and see what other people thing of the vespa, be sure to click on them.

And i’m also proud to say, that the official saturday weigh-in, is still 84.2kg hehe just like last week.



Riqz’s Official Saturday Weigh-in

June 27, 2009 1 comment

I’ve been trying to lower my weight a little recently.

To sum it all up, my week is composed like this:

Tuesday: Muay Thai training
Thursday:Muay Thai training
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Around 40km cycling
Sunday: Long walk in the woods/mountain with the dog

So how much weight am i aiming at?

To be honest I don’t really know. I just feel somewhat heavy at the moment even though i’m really not. I’m 1m85cm tall (6.07 foot) and used to weigh 90kg (14.1 stone) after 2 years of no sport whatsoever because of my hernia operation.

After starting muay thai with the above training regime i went down to 85-88kg (13.38-13.85 stone).

This is when i feel a little heavier than i’d really want. So since last week i started thinking about my diet.

I have stopped eating carbs at dinner, which includes pasta, potates etc. But most of all… i realised something i ate constantly without even realising.

During my usual work day my sister made me realise that i drink quite a few coffee’s, like 4-5 max. “So what” i said? “Well how much sugar do you put in every cup?” she asked me! I facepalmed and realised that i usually put like 2-3 teaspoons of sugar in each cofee which in the end adds up to A LOT of sugar.

So since cutting my sugar-in-coffee breaks just one week ago, and my carbs two weeks ago, i have weighed myself this morning aaaaaaaand the official weigh-in comes toooooo… (imagine Bruce Buffer saying that phrase):

84.2 KG – 13.26 stone

Real satisfied with the results 😀