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New watches.

December 8, 2009 3 comments

I know these topics must be getting pretty boring for some people but recently I don’t really feel like talking about anything else. God knows why but at least i’m keeping it active with new content.

I went to the usual monthly antique market in Aviano and found some very interesting watches.

I have been looking for a Perseo “Ferrovie Dello Stato” (FS, literally translates to State Railways). It’s a watch issued to Italian railway employees. This one should be from the 1970’s.

It has a 17 Jewels Unitas movement with Incabloc. Incabloc is practically an anti-shock system for watch movements. It involves a lyre shaped spring holding the balance wheel jewel in place. This “lyre” spring absorbs any impact from the exterior so reducing probability of the jewel breaking. More info here:

You can see it’s marked FS on the back.

The other watch is a soviet Made in CCCP ofcourse. It’s a Vostok komandirskie “submarine dial”. The thing with this one is that it’s antimagnetic! I thought it said automatic on it but when i picked it up i felt it did not have a rotor inside so it couldn’t have been automatic. At this point it was either a frankenstein watch or it said antimagnetic. Sources confirmed me that it is indeed antimagnetic and pretty rare. It also used to be Water Resistant up to 200 meters hence “amphibia” written on the back casing. I’m guessing that the state it’s in it wouldn’t even survive english drizzle!Only bought it for 15 euros though ahah. Fantastic!

Here are the pictures!

There’s more watches coming from ebay. Both soviet. One pocket watch and one wristwatch. Will keep you updated.



Ebay Hamilton Pocket Watch

November 23, 2009 3 comments

It finally arrived and it’s just as beautiful as I thought it would be. It’s in working condition. The only thing it needs is a nice clean-up and it’s ready to be used 😀

This is a Hamilton 975 grade 17 jewel, adjusted, pocket watch that dates back to 1916-1919.

Here are some pictures:

Heres an old catalog  for Hamilton pocket watches in the 1920’s:

I dated it back to 1916-19 thanks to its serial number and these websites: