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June iOS games!!

June 29, 2011 3 comments

It’s been quite a while since my last post and i apologize for that. The main reason is that I started a new job and it’s pretty stressfull and i do long hours so it’s taking a bit of my free time away and i’m also really tired when i get home.

I hope it gets easier with time leaving enough space for me to write on the blog too.

So you want to know what i’ve been playing during these few months on my iOS devices? Here we go. And remember to add me on your gamecenter if you want to play something.


Fruit Ninja €0.79 (iPhone and iPad)

Multiplayer Online

I know i’ve already spoken about this game but thanks to Gloria i found out an amazing part of the game that’s pretty much unknown to everyone… or maybe just me. For me multiplayer on iOS never really took off…but now… oh wow… Me and Gloria are in the top 15% tier in the online versus multiplayer on Fruit Ninja… and oh my god is it fun. You practically go up against another human being and what you have to do is cut your fruit (blue colored) and not hit your opponent’s fruit (red). White fruit is free for all and gives you +3 points (+1 for each fruit you cut). Combos of course count more points and if you cut your opponents’ fruit you get -3 points. Most points at the end of the round wins.

You are put into the world ladder and they tell you into what % you fit into with your rating (e.g. top 15%).

If you haven’t bought this yet you’re missing out. If you have, I CHALLENGE YOU!

A mention also goes to offline multiplayer where the ipad divides into  2 screens and you fight against someone next to you. It’s actually really exciting and is good for a few laughs. I don’t think this is available for the iphone as i think the screen real estate is way too small. Please confirm me if any of this isn’t available on the iphone as i played it on my iPad


Death Rally €Free at the moment (iPhone and iPad)

Death Rally

Death Rally reminds me of a game on the PS1 called Circuit Breakers and that in turn reminded me of earlier games called Micro Machines on various consoles. It’s the modern incarnation of all those games. Aside from making your thumb so sore it bleeds, this game has no negative sides. It’s a real load of fun and will surely make your legs numb on the toilet.

You have different cars, different weapons, different circuits, beautiful graphics, everything is upgradable and is great for small bursts of gameplay.

A must download!


Tiny Tower €Free at the moment (iPhone and iPad)

Tiny Tower

Matthew probably remembers Sim Towers and so does Diego. Well this is a minimized version of Sim Towers. If you liked Game Dev Story you’ll love Tiny Tower and Matthew knows all about loving Game Dev Story. You start off with a 1 storey building and you grow from there dividing your different levels with residential areas, services, food areas, offices etc creating the biggest tower you can and earn as much money as you are willing to invest. It’s a fun little game and is GREAT in small doses but definetly a long title that will drain your iPhone battery like mad.

Monkey Island Episode 1 and Back to the Future Episode 1 €Free at the moment (iPhone and iPad)

Monkey Island Ep.1

Back to the Future Ep.1

Everyone knows about these 2 point and click adventures. I personally like them and they’re a fun distraction while on the crapper. They’re free and pretty awesome games so it’s a win win situation. Download them!

I think that’s about it for today and let me know if you want to try and beat me at fruit ninja! I’d be glad to get Gloria to win in my place eheh.



Update: Awesome iPhone Games

February 15, 2011 3 comments

Upon popular request… Here’s an up-to-date list of what games I love most on my iPhone.

Words With Friends – Free

This game summarizes what multiplayer should be on the iPhone. It’s a turn based multiplayer scrabble game. All you do is add your friend’s nickname (or choose random matchups) and you can play a versus match of Scrabble on the go. Push notifications will alert you when it’s your turn. You can also send messages in the in-game chat. Best part about it is that it’s completely free. You can pay for the full version with no adverts. Send me your nicknames so we can play a match together!

Chess With Friends – Free

This game is exactly the same as above but it’s Chess. Well worth the download.

Mirror’s Edge – €3,99

I rarely trust big name retail games ported to the iPhone but obviously there are exceptions. Mirror’s Edge is one of those. If you’ve played the console counterpart you’ll know what this game is about. You’re a free runner (expect a lot of parqeur) and you have to run in 2.5 dimensional levels. You can run left or right, jump, wall-run, wall-jump etc all with extremely well programmed touch gestures. I feel it really captured the essence of the console game while also making it feel like a completely new and exciting experience.

Fruit Ninja – €0,79

If you have an iPhone, you HAVE to have Fruit Ninja. The simplicity of this game only adds to its addictiveness. You practically have to slice up fruit that pops up and try not to hit any bombs that fly around. It’s great for those “waiting at the post office” gaming sessions. An absolute must. You really have to try it even if I don’t make it sound that exciting.

Train Conductor 1 & 2– €0,79 each

These two are pretty obscure games. I don’t think they received the glory they could have with more publicity. Friends now about my strange addiction to train simulators… yeah let’s glide over that. This game isn’t a train simulator. It’s a train CONDUCTOR simulator. Meaning you have a few rows of train tracks and trains coming from left to right. You have to direct the numbered trains to the corresponding numbered tunnel. It’s quite addictive especially at the higher levels.

There is practically no difference from train conductor 1 to the sequel. It’s just more levels… which is always good!

Tilt to Live – €2,39

Tilt to live is a great little game that takes advantage of the accelerometers in your iPhone. You are a little mouse pointer-shaped ship that has to destroy an army of dots by using different kind of powerups. As soon as they touch you, your ship explodes in little specs of dust. You control the speed and direction of your ship by tilting your device accordingly. Very addictive and very much worth the expense. There’s a LITE version for free if you want to try it out.

Cut The Rope – €0,79

Another recent “blockbuster”. You probably own this already, but if you don’t you’re absolutely missing out. The objective of the game is to feed your little green alien his ball of candy. The candy however is usually dangling from a few strings or floating inside a bubble being pushed by some fans. It’s a great puzzle game that will keep you entertained for hours. The amount of levels you get for €0,79 is amazing, although it does get sweatingly difficult towards the end levels. This one has a free LITE version too.

Hook Champ – €2,39

Hook champ is not as popular as Cut the Rope or Fruit Ninja but I’m sure it will surprise you once you try the LITE version. You’re a little guy that looks like Indiana Jones, that uses his hook to roam around the many levels on offer. You touch the screen and your little guy sends his hook flying making you swing like Tarzan.

The point of the game is to reach the end of the level as fast as possible without dying and picking up any powerups on the way.

Game Dev Story – €0,79

I can’t stress the fact that this game is so awesome it should be worth much more than €0,79 enough. This is definetly my favourite iPhone game EVER and I even put it in my top 10 games of 2010 list a month ago! I’ll start by saying it has a free LITE version so you have no excuse for not trying it.

The game is an old-school “Tycoon” management kind of game. You’re the manager of a startup game developer company and you have to do all it takes to gain fame and money in order to expand your game dev abilities and increase your fan base. You have to create games that the public wants, promote your name in fairs and expos, hire and fire people, teach them new skills, send them on holiday to relax… There’s so much stuff to do, but it’s never overwhelming. You can ask my girlfriend.. this game kept me hypnotized for a whole weekend reducing my speech functions to one word…

League of Evil – €0,79

I’ve obviously kept the best for last with Game Dev story and League of Evil. This game is pretty new. It’s a platformer and it takes a lot of inspiration from Super Meatboy if you’ve ever played it (again n°1 game of 2010 in my list). You have to run through smallish levels collecting a suitcase and killing the scientist at the end. You can double jump, wall-jump and punch/kick. It’s the first game with a virtual joypad that I actually enjoyed. You absolutely need to try it… and again there is a LITE free version so you have no excuses.

Hope you enjoyed the list. I’ll be running a few of these as time goes by.


My Top 5 Iphone Games

January 20, 2010 3 comments

Why just 5 you ask? Well it’s because there really aren’t that many games that will keep you entertained for more than a few minutes except just a few of them… I can assure you that the money you spend with these games i’m about to list, is really well spent. So enough with the banter…here they are:



Ragdoll Blaster is THE game with the best ingame physics engine you can find on the iphone. It involves shooting “ragdolls” from a cannon so that they eventually end up on the red bullseye. It’s not as easy as it sounds! The game has a lot of levels and some become frustratingly difficult. It will keep you entertained for a long time. This game is my number 5 pick because once you’ve finished all the levels there isn’t much replay value.



Paper toss is just that. You have to toss your scrunched up pieces of paper into your bin. It is a very simple concept but it will become very addictive. A fan is also added to make a “wind” effect so you have to adjust your throws accordingly. This gets very insane at higher levels where the rubbish bin is very far away!



Flight control is a graphically and gamplay-wise gratifying game. You practically have to trace a line from the airplanes/helicopters to the landing strip to make them land. It gets harder as you progress because you can’t make them crash as more and more planes get sent into your tiny iphone screen. It’s a challenge and it has definetly earned third place in my list. There are many different landing strips to vary the scenery.

Here we come to the top 2 games!



Canabalt probably has some of the best music in any game on the iphone. Not only that but it is all in all, a very well designed game. There’s only one thing you have to do in this game: click the screen to jump. If you click it lightly your running man will make a small jump. If you hold your “click” he will jump higher. The longer you go without stumbling on crates the faster you go. The faster you go the further you’ll jump. The aim of the game is to beat your friends or the global ladder and get the furthest distance you can.



This little game may look like shit on screenshots but believe you me… Even my girlfriend is hooked on this game. It is so simple it’s pretty unbelievable how it can be such a great game. Doodle jump uses the in-built iphone motion sensor to move your doodlemonster left and right. What you have to do is keep him jumping on steady ground/or slabs whatever they are. There are powerups like springs, springboots, tramplines and sometimes enemies appear and you have to shoot them down!

The aim of the game is to get up as high as you can, again to beat your friends on facebook or the global ladder. This is by far the most addictive iphone game there is and if you want to beat my current record of 56000 meters add me on facebook 😀

Hope you enjoyed my top iphone games. If you did be sure to leave a comment


Why you should Jailbreak Your Iphone

September 3, 2009 4 comments

Right… Since buying an iPhone i’ve been dwelling if I was going to jailbreak or not. I hung in there for a while but a week ago I decided, out of boredom, to jailbreak it and see what the fuss was all about.

After looking for best apps / best cydia apps / best games etc all over the internet, I have decided to make my own list of best programs that give a reason to jailbreak your iphone.

I have a 3G 8gig 3.0 OS Iphone.
First and foremost, the reason I decided to jailbreak:
3G Unrestrictor

This nifty little app makes your iPhone think it’s linked to a wireless network while it really isn’t. Why you ask? Well. For example, stupid apple decided to stop programs like Skype, fring etc, making outgoing calls UNLESS they are under wi-fi connection to the internet. In other words it won’t let you make VOIP calls with data connections with your provider. 3G unrestrictor lets you use your data connection even with VOIP programs, tricking the iphone into thinking it’s connected to Wi-fi.  You can specify which apps you want to unrestrict. It also lets you view youtube videos at full quality instead of the crappy quality it has on default.This is well worth the money it costs on cydia. You can probably find it free somewhere.


Ver nice app, it’s a must for any jailbroken iphone. You touch the top of the iphone horizontally and it shows up with quick settings like enabling and disabling wifi, bluetooth with just one click. It allows little options like displaying Ram usage next to the time and many other things. Won’t go into details as you probably already have it.


Another must. Practically a theme manager. You can find this on Cydia for free.
Reccommended Theme: Glasklart Which is the one I use, and the one in the pic above.


This program allows you to multi-task your iphone apps. For example you are in a game, and want to check something on internet without exiting the game. You hold the home button for 3 seconds and the game will still run in the background but you’ll be returned to your home and you can open another program. Watch out on your memory usage, especially for 3G and previous iphones. On Cydia for free.


A program that lets you record videos on 3G Iphones and previous versions. Max fps is 15 but it’s still pretty decent. On cydia for free.


A program that lets you connect through to download cracked apps. Nuff said. You may need to add new sources to cydia for this one. A quick google should suffice


Lets you post status updates to both facebook and tweetter with pics and vids if you want. I love the fact that to activate the app you actually have to “pull” it down from the top of the screen. Very intuitive and fast to access. Free on Cydia.

Last but not least:


I seem to have a LOT of games (I promise i’ll make a list sooner or later), so they were all crowding up my iphone. Categories lets you create folders on your home screen in which you can pop any app you want. I just have 1 at the moment for games. Another must have app.

Make It Mine

Make it mine, or MIM, changes the cellular provider name into anything you want. may it be Joe’s, Riqz, I<3 Poop, or just simply: Poop.

Right… That’s really all I can think of atm and will add more stuff if it comes to mind.

I think those apps make it easy for someone to decide pro-jailbreaking. There are many other apps that are worth jailbreaking for but too many to list!

Hope I helped someone!

P.S. For some iPhone 1337 geekage, download Veency on your iphone and Realvnc on your pc. Connect your iphone to your home wireless network, then type the iphone’s IP in “server” option on RealVNC. You will then be able to control your iphone directly from your PC. Hehe.

If you need any help, just pop a message and i’ll answer ASAP.