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Update: Awesome iPhone Games

February 15, 2011 3 comments

Upon popular request… Here’s an up-to-date list of what games I love most on my iPhone.

Words With Friends – Free

This game summarizes what multiplayer should be on the iPhone. It’s a turn based multiplayer scrabble game. All you do is add your friend’s nickname (or choose random matchups) and you can play a versus match of Scrabble on the go. Push notifications will alert you when it’s your turn. You can also send messages in the in-game chat. Best part about it is that it’s completely free. You can pay for the full version with no adverts. Send me your nicknames so we can play a match together!

Chess With Friends – Free

This game is exactly the same as above but it’s Chess. Well worth the download.

Mirror’s Edge – €3,99

I rarely trust big name retail games ported to the iPhone but obviously there are exceptions. Mirror’s Edge is one of those. If you’ve played the console counterpart you’ll know what this game is about. You’re a free runner (expect a lot of parqeur) and you have to run in 2.5 dimensional levels. You can run left or right, jump, wall-run, wall-jump etc all with extremely well programmed touch gestures. I feel it really captured the essence of the console game while also making it feel like a completely new and exciting experience.

Fruit Ninja – €0,79

If you have an iPhone, you HAVE to have Fruit Ninja. The simplicity of this game only adds to its addictiveness. You practically have to slice up fruit that pops up and try not to hit any bombs that fly around. It’s great for those “waiting at the post office” gaming sessions. An absolute must. You really have to try it even if I don’t make it sound that exciting.

Train Conductor 1 & 2– €0,79 each

These two are pretty obscure games. I don’t think they received the glory they could have with more publicity. Friends now about my strange addiction to train simulators… yeah let’s glide over that. This game isn’t a train simulator. It’s a train CONDUCTOR simulator. Meaning you have a few rows of train tracks and trains coming from left to right. You have to direct the numbered trains to the corresponding numbered tunnel. It’s quite addictive especially at the higher levels.

There is practically no difference from train conductor 1 to the sequel. It’s just more levels… which is always good!

Tilt to Live – €2,39

Tilt to live is a great little game that takes advantage of the accelerometers in your iPhone. You are a little mouse pointer-shaped ship that has to destroy an army of dots by using different kind of powerups. As soon as they touch you, your ship explodes in little specs of dust. You control the speed and direction of your ship by tilting your device accordingly. Very addictive and very much worth the expense. There’s a LITE version for free if you want to try it out.

Cut The Rope – €0,79

Another recent “blockbuster”. You probably own this already, but if you don’t you’re absolutely missing out. The objective of the game is to feed your little green alien his ball of candy. The candy however is usually dangling from a few strings or floating inside a bubble being pushed by some fans. It’s a great puzzle game that will keep you entertained for hours. The amount of levels you get for €0,79 is amazing, although it does get sweatingly difficult towards the end levels. This one has a free LITE version too.

Hook Champ – €2,39

Hook champ is not as popular as Cut the Rope or Fruit Ninja but I’m sure it will surprise you once you try the LITE version. You’re a little guy that looks like Indiana Jones, that uses his hook to roam around the many levels on offer. You touch the screen and your little guy sends his hook flying making you swing like Tarzan.

The point of the game is to reach the end of the level as fast as possible without dying and picking up any powerups on the way.

Game Dev Story – €0,79

I can’t stress the fact that this game is so awesome it should be worth much more than €0,79 enough. This is definetly my favourite iPhone game EVER and I even put it in my top 10 games of 2010 list a month ago! I’ll start by saying it has a free LITE version so you have no excuse for not trying it.

The game is an old-school “Tycoon” management kind of game. You’re the manager of a startup game developer company and you have to do all it takes to gain fame and money in order to expand your game dev abilities and increase your fan base. You have to create games that the public wants, promote your name in fairs and expos, hire and fire people, teach them new skills, send them on holiday to relax… There’s so much stuff to do, but it’s never overwhelming. You can ask my girlfriend.. this game kept me hypnotized for a whole weekend reducing my speech functions to one word…

League of Evil – €0,79

I’ve obviously kept the best for last with Game Dev story and League of Evil. This game is pretty new. It’s a platformer and it takes a lot of inspiration from Super Meatboy if you’ve ever played it (again n°1 game of 2010 in my list). You have to run through smallish levels collecting a suitcase and killing the scientist at the end. You can double jump, wall-jump and punch/kick. It’s the first game with a virtual joypad that I actually enjoyed. You absolutely need to try it… and again there is a LITE free version so you have no excuses.

Hope you enjoyed the list. I’ll be running a few of these as time goes by.