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Riqz’s Favourite Apps – February

March 2, 2011 3 comments

This month I lined up 5 gaming apps that I’ve been playing non-stop. Some more than others…so here they are… My top 5 gaming apps this month.

5. Glass Tower 2 – €Free (prequel costs €0.79)

Glass Tower is a game similar to Tower Blox. You have a variety of different levels in which you need to touch the blue shapes to “break them” so that the red shapes fall onto the platform without falling outside the limited space you have at your disposal. You practically have to land the shapes instead of making them fall outside your “landing area”. It’s a pretty fun physics game!

4. Entanglement – €1,59

This is something original. This game is similar to a board game I remember playing when I was a kid, Haunted Maze or something like that. You start at the center of this “board” and you are given the option of where you want to place your next hexagon. Depending on where you place your first hexagon you will draw a line that goes through it. The direction of this line is determined by how you turn and place the actual hexagon. The aim of the game is to get the longest line you can through as many hexagons as you can without crashing it against the center block or the outer blocks. It’s actually really fun and there’s a free version available for your PC on the Chrome (the browser) app market.

3. Super Soviet Missile Mastar – €Free

I had a laugh playing this one. The graphics remind me of old Atari games and that gives it an artsy kind of look. It’s all monochrome (red) and you play as a missile shot from Soviet Russia that has to end in America. You use the touchscreen to direct the missile as it goes towards the U.S. and you have to dodge airplanes other missiles and debris in general so that the mission is successful. It’s good fun for quick toilet stops.

2. New Puzzle Bobble – €3,99

I’ve always been a Puzzle Bobble fan since I was a kid. I used to play it in the arcade in my town’s bar. This is not a port. It’s a complete new chapter created just for the iPhone. It has new abilities and powerups, a ton of levels and the awesomeness of being Puzzle Bobble. It’s worth more than €3,99 so you HAVE to buy it if you’ve ever loved any Puzzle Bobble game.

1. Tiny Wings – €0.79

This is probably the cutest game I’ve ever played on the iPhone. It’s simple, it’s addictive, it’s super cute… what else do you need? You play as a blue chick-bird that hasn’t developed full wings and therefore can’t fly properly. He can only glide if he gets enough speed. You gain speed thanks to the hills throughout the world.

By pressing on the touchscreen he will retract his small wings to become more streamlined while going down hills. You have to stop touching the screen once the bird reaches the trough of the hill so that he uses the speed gained to run up the other hill and start gliding. The more you do this the higher and further the bird goes leaving you to press the screen again at the right moment to time a perfect slingshot effect on the next upcoming hills.

You have to go as far as you can before the sun catches up to you and it becomes night. This one’s going to become a classic!


Why you should Jailbreak Your Iphone

September 3, 2009 4 comments

Right… Since buying an iPhone i’ve been dwelling if I was going to jailbreak or not. I hung in there for a while but a week ago I decided, out of boredom, to jailbreak it and see what the fuss was all about.

After looking for best apps / best cydia apps / best games etc all over the internet, I have decided to make my own list of best programs that give a reason to jailbreak your iphone.

I have a 3G 8gig 3.0 OS Iphone.
First and foremost, the reason I decided to jailbreak:
3G Unrestrictor

This nifty little app makes your iPhone think it’s linked to a wireless network while it really isn’t. Why you ask? Well. For example, stupid apple decided to stop programs like Skype, fring etc, making outgoing calls UNLESS they are under wi-fi connection to the internet. In other words it won’t let you make VOIP calls with data connections with your provider. 3G unrestrictor lets you use your data connection even with VOIP programs, tricking the iphone into thinking it’s connected to Wi-fi.  You can specify which apps you want to unrestrict. It also lets you view youtube videos at full quality instead of the crappy quality it has on default.This is well worth the money it costs on cydia. You can probably find it free somewhere.


Ver nice app, it’s a must for any jailbroken iphone. You touch the top of the iphone horizontally and it shows up with quick settings like enabling and disabling wifi, bluetooth with just one click. It allows little options like displaying Ram usage next to the time and many other things. Won’t go into details as you probably already have it.


Another must. Practically a theme manager. You can find this on Cydia for free.
Reccommended Theme: Glasklart Which is the one I use, and the one in the pic above.


This program allows you to multi-task your iphone apps. For example you are in a game, and want to check something on internet without exiting the game. You hold the home button for 3 seconds and the game will still run in the background but you’ll be returned to your home and you can open another program. Watch out on your memory usage, especially for 3G and previous iphones. On Cydia for free.


A program that lets you record videos on 3G Iphones and previous versions. Max fps is 15 but it’s still pretty decent. On cydia for free.


A program that lets you connect through to download cracked apps. Nuff said. You may need to add new sources to cydia for this one. A quick google should suffice


Lets you post status updates to both facebook and tweetter with pics and vids if you want. I love the fact that to activate the app you actually have to “pull” it down from the top of the screen. Very intuitive and fast to access. Free on Cydia.

Last but not least:


I seem to have a LOT of games (I promise i’ll make a list sooner or later), so they were all crowding up my iphone. Categories lets you create folders on your home screen in which you can pop any app you want. I just have 1 at the moment for games. Another must have app.

Make It Mine

Make it mine, or MIM, changes the cellular provider name into anything you want. may it be Joe’s, Riqz, I<3 Poop, or just simply: Poop.

Right… That’s really all I can think of atm and will add more stuff if it comes to mind.

I think those apps make it easy for someone to decide pro-jailbreaking. There are many other apps that are worth jailbreaking for but too many to list!

Hope I helped someone!

P.S. For some iPhone 1337 geekage, download Veency on your iphone and Realvnc on your pc. Connect your iphone to your home wireless network, then type the iphone’s IP in “server” option on RealVNC. You will then be able to control your iphone directly from your PC. Hehe.

If you need any help, just pop a message and i’ll answer ASAP.